The neueKUNSTschule was founded in February 1997. In a years planning time the foundational basis for the training was created.
In January 1998 the first admissions took place. The initiatory source of the work was and continues to be the search for a next step in art. We continually strive in our research and training work to deepen and expand the path of artistic activity which leads in two directions, to self and to the world. The working out of new artistic abilities and the working through of unknown possibilities of thought enriches the wealth of our perception. We learn to see, to act differently. Many possibilities open up, ever further pushing through the space of our habitual thought patterns. The four years of our artistic training show a path, needless to say each must walk it for themselves. The path is not the goal but leads in that direction.


Julitta Krebs Julitta Lea Krebs, *1958 Davos, Schweiz

Pädagogische Ausbildung
Akademisches Jahr: Institut per l'arte e il restauro, Florenz
Malfachklasse Franz Fedier, Schule für Gestaltung, Basel
Unterrichten von Gruppen in eigenem Atelier
Kunsttherapeutische Ausbildung: Institut für Gestaltende Therapie, Zürich
Allgemeines Anthroposophisches Studienjahr am Goetheanum



Zvi Szir, *1965 Israel
Photographiestudium in Caracas, Venezuela

Kunststudium in Tel-hai, Israel
Freie künstlerische Ausstellungen wie auch journalistische und schriftstellerische Tätigkeit
Allgemeines Anthroposophisches Studienjahr am Goetheanum, Malunterricht im Studienjahr



 Barbara Heidi Maurer, *1976 Luzern, Schweiz
Ethnologie und Philosophie, 6 Semester, Universität Zürich
Sozialpädagogik, 4 Semester, FHS Oerlikon, Zürich
Betreuerin im Wohnheim Morgentau, Wetzikon
Vollzeitstudium an der neueKUNSTschule Basel mit Fachdiplom Malerei
Seit 2012 selbständige Kunstschaffende in Basel
Seit Januar 2014 Mitarbeit im Sekretariat der neueKUNSTschule


"Students for Students"

Our fund "Students for Students" works out of the association Fördervereins der neueKUNSTschule Basel (a registered charity) coordinating with the teachers and students we seek to aid in the financial support of students where necessary.

Our tasks are:
We maintain contact with donors and organisations that could contribute to scholarship funding. Support can help students to concentrate on their studies.

neueKUNSTschule, Studentenfonds
Birsstrasse 16, CH-4052 Basel
: Kto.-Nr. 60-458849-5

Students who experience financial difficulties at the start or during the term of study will be considered for aid. Applications outlining the individual situation must be made in writing.
We also accompany fund raising projects from students.
Our shared goal is to enable the student to benefit from the study and thereby also to represent the school to others.


How can you support our educational impulse?
In order for the school to develop further we are dependant on your support. Economically the school is able to sustain itself but we do not have the means to extend our work further due to financial constraints. We always look for people to support the school, to find new teachers, to pay appropriate salaries in order for the studies and research to develop further.

Donations: Acc.-Nr. 60-458849-5


The Circle of Supporters of the newARTschool arose out of a student inititative. Individuals form a supporting circle by giving periodic or one-time contributions. Naturally, all contributions are welcome, because even small periodic contributions can provide vital assistance.

We go to great lengths to cultivate these connections to the Circle of Supporters and also send a Newsletter with invitations to exhibitions, the Picture Fund Exchange and further school events. The members of the Circle of Supporters also have the possibility to borrow original pictures of our Picture Fund.

A contribution of assistance can also go towards a single student. Our students come from different countries (Switzerland, German, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Israel, USA, etc.) and therefore with different economical relationships to the costs of schooling in Switzerland. When you have interest for a Sponsorship please apply directly to us.

In the name of the newARTschool
Julitta Krebs and Zvi Szir