The depth and quality of study of anthroposophy went far beyond my expectation.  I thrived on the vitality of art history, the practical work with color and the challenge of standing in front of a blank canvas (which teaches a person a most practical skill, which I later experienced is really applicable in so many areas of life). Especially important: art observation and the cultivation of artistic feeling - these were skillfully woven into the courses and became a real foundation for me, not just for relating to the world of art, but for a healthy orientation in the world. I made it a point to attend all possible art observations, even when visiting the school well after graduation. * It was quite surprising to me just how much the example that Julitta and Zvi were able to offer throughout the training manifested in the years after I left the school as new capacities that unfolded in me. I cannot express enough how indebted I am to all they have given. * From the quality of my own experience, I encourage any possible student who is foreign to Europe, if you carry a wish like I did, to live in Europe, to really learn another language, to take some part of one's life and dedicate it to the fundamental human capacities developed in the study and activity of art, or to deepen one's understanding of Anthroposophy - take a good look at the NewArtSchool.  There is more being offered there than a casual visit can reveal. Some things, we only realize in reflection, and with time, come to appreciate all the more.  This continues to be my experience of the  NewArtSchool in Basel.  And, much good can come about if more people, not just students, would cultivate a relationship with the NewArtSchool, with its graduates, and with the artistic questions living there; and with such participation, we can each add to what is being cultivated at the NewArtSchool.